Shooting Between Soldiers at Star Base leaves One Dead, Other Injure

Following a fatal shooting incident resulting to the death of a solder with another injured at the Star Base Bushrod Island on June 6, 2022, the Ministry of National Defense has ordered a lock-down in the area.

According to a release from the ministry, the motive behind the shooting is yet to be established, but the Provosts Marshall and the Military Police are currently involved with the investigation to establish the motive behind the shooting.

The Liberia National Police is also involved in aiding the investigation.

The defense Ministry and the AFL said all is under control and a preliminary report will be provided as soon as possible.

It added that, it acknowledge that protecting military installations, and the people who work and live there from such incidents is a major undertaking.

It says identifying security solutions and gaps on the installations where they served has always been a priority and all recommendations coming from the investigation will be taken seriously.

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