‘Sign of Danger’ CPP Alarms Over Gun-Toting CDC Militias

Opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), has expressed dismay over the lawlessness and dangerous display and brandishing of assault rifles by suspected CDC militias and state securities who wore political paraphernalia during its “so-called” petition ceremony of President George Weah in Monrovia.

Calling on the international community to the situation, CPP termed the action as signs of dangerous things to come.
“These gangster-looking individuals wore CDC insignias and political paraphernalia including T-Shirts which made them indistinguishable between CDC militias and state security,” CPP stated in a release.

“If these rifle-carrying individuals were CDC militias, the CPP demands an explanation and independent investigation on how they got such weaponry in a political gathering, and why were they allowed to exhibit assault riffles in such threatening public manner,” CPP added.

The party further that the CDC cannot and will not permit any acts of intimidation and threats of peaceful Liberian citizens in a such belligerent and hostile manner. It says the party militias must never be permitted to act as and with the authority of state securities.

The opposition CPP wants the rifle-toting persons immediately suspended, investigated, and prosecuted, as state security personnel should not be allowed to wear political attires while carrying out their national security duties.

However, in a release late Monday evening, the Government of Liberia says it takes “due cognizance” of concerns coming from local and international quarters of the donning of the Coalition for Democratic Change paraphernalia by some members of the Executive Protection Service during the party’s “One Million Men Rally” for the nomination of President George M. Weah for a second term bid.

“The Government says these concerns are legitimate and terms the EPS Officers’ behavior as embarrassing which it attributes to over-exuberance and lack of knowledge of the standard operating procedures of the service.”

In the release, the Chairman of the Joint-Security of Liberia, Justice Minister Counselor Frank Musah Dean Jr. mandated the head of the EPS Director Trokon Nathaniel Roberts to ensure that henceforth such unprofessional display by any member of the EPS does not recur.

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