Single Mother Cries for Help to Sustain Her Seven Children

PAYNESVILLE- A single mother with seven children is calling on humanitarian organizations, women’s grouping, and nongovernmental organizations to help empower her through business to sustain her family

Mother Naomi Tweh, Thirty-eight narrated that her husband died two years ago leaving her with seven children. She said since his demise, things have been difficult causing serious setbacks in the lives of the kids as they are not in school.

“Things are difficult for us, we are suffering my children and I need help from well-meaning Liberians out there,” she said.
“I want to do business, I need empowerment from anyone so that I can take care of my children,” she cried.

She further that if anyone is interested in taking any of the children as their own can do so; adding that it will help stop them from watching dishes at the local cookshop in their community for food.

“My children are out of school because I don’t have money to support them…even eating is hard for us, we beg every day just to put food in our system.”

“At times I sent them to the various cook shops in the community so they can wash the dishes and be able to bring the balance food so we all can be able to eat and sleep in good condition,” she added.

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