“Stop Fueling Volence” – Civil Society Organizations Caution Against Tearing Down Candidates’ Campaign Posters

HARPER, Maryland County – The civil society organizations (CSOs) in Maryland County have strongly condemned the tearing down of politicians’ flyers and posters by unknown individuals in the county. This act of vandalism is seen as not only illegal but also detrimental to the democratic process, as it limits the candidates’ ability to communicate their messages to voters.

The CSOs have named specific candidates who have been affected by these actions, including Lucy Jappy Momo, the Co Colla representative candidate of Harper District, William W. Wallace, William Philip Anderson, and incumbent Senator J. Gble-bo Brown. They emphasize that such actions go against the Farmington River Declaration, which was signed to promote a violence-free election.

The CSOs point out that candidates invest significant amounts of money in their campaign materials and should not have them destroyed due to political differences or personal dislikes. They urge individuals involved in these acts to stop damaging campaign materials immediately, as it not only violates the principles of free expression and fair competition but also undermines democratic values.

“Let it be noted that candidates spent a lot of money on those materials, so they shouldn’t be destroyed because of political differences and dislike of a candidate. Plucking out of candidates’ eyes on their individual photos and defacing them and unlawfully removing placards is totally unnecessary and unacceptable,” the council stressed in the release.

Additionally, the CSOs call on political parties, candidates, and their supporters to promote peaceful electoral activities as Liberia approaches the 2023 elections. They stress that vandalism and tampering with campaign materials only serve to further divide society and hinder citizens’ ability to make informed choices.

The CSOs are also urging law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate these incidents and hold the perpetrators accountable for their actions. This statement reflects the CSOs’ commitment to upholding democratic values and ensuring a fair and peaceful electoral process in Maryland County.

By Peter Toe, Jr.

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