“Stop Militarizing the Young People,” Min. Rannie Cautions Politicians

Ahead of the Legislative and Presidential elections in the country, Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie has called on politicians to desist from militarizing young people. Mr. Rannie believes the act undermines the growth and development of democracy.

“Your stop militarizing the young people in the country,” he said

Commenting on the workings of the media in Liberia, the MICAT Boss alleged that many media institutions are involved in disseminating disinformation.

Though he did not name a particular institution or instance in which the media reported fake news, the Information Minister maintained that the media has linked President Weah to participating in the civil war, which he said there is no evidence that the Liberian leader participated in any crisis.

The government mouthpiece encouraged media petitioners to do balanced reporting to promote peace and national unity.

Also speaking at the occasion, the head of the National Security Agency of Liberia, Sam Sirion urged politicians and Citizens to stop using the media without supporting it financially, an act he sees as a suppression of the media landscape of Liberia.

Narrating, the Chief Executive Officer of one of the local media houses noted that reporters are under pay.

Mr. Sam Siryon stressed that the media houses need support for accuracy, balance, and creditable information dissemination as tools to maintain peace and stability across the country.
He said this will improve the living standards of journalists in Liberia.

“The generators are not running on Water, media Houses need support” he noted.

Also speaking, the Secretary-General of the Civil Society and Human Rights Advocacy Platform of Liberia, Adama K. Dempster described the role of media as critical in advancing democracy, Human Rights, and others.

“The underpayment of the media practitioners in the country is not helping but rather creating hardship for Journalists,” he said.

They made these statements at the lunch of a rebranding Voice of Liberia- a local radio station in Monrovia on Monday, October 10th, 2022.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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