Students at Harbel College Lock Up Professors In Demand to Open School

MARGIBI: Students of Harbel College in Margibi locked up two of their professors in protest over delays in reopening the institution.

The students are demanding the immediate reopening of school, and the graduation of Senior Students who completed courses since 2021.

They are also demanding the Payment of part-time professors’ salaries for more than seven months as well as the reactivation of some courses the institution allegedly dropped.

Those locked up by the Students are the college’s acting President, Dr. Saraphian Chally Abou, and the acting Vice President Madam Dwede Hotto.

Speaking to our reporters while behind the bar, Dr. Saraphian Chally Abou pleaded with the Students for their release for the redress of their grievances.

All efforts to have them released during the situation fell on dead ears.

By: Emmanuel KangarLower Margibi Correspondent

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