SUP Calls for Amicable Solution in Ongoing Stalemate Between University of Liberia Faculty Association and University’s President

Monrovia – The campus based political party at the University of Liberia; the Student Unification Party (SUP) is calling for the proper handling of the dispute between the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) and the president of the University before the resumption of school.

At a press conference on Wednesday, SUP, through its political leader, Amos Kollie said the defensive approach by both sides is not a solution driven mechanism to solve the problem but rather worsening it.

Mr. Kollie said the dispute has the propensity to deprive students the normal require period to obtain an undergraduate degree.

The University’s faculty association recently passed a vote of no confidence in UL president, Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson for allegedly colluding with the Ministry of Finance in threatening to deprive several faculty members’ employment status for double dipping.

SUP, in the press conference stated that “ULFA and the administration of the University of Liberia are linked in a perfect union in advancing the government’s goal to providing affordable and quality education to break the yoke of ignorance and serve as catalyst of social change for the advancement of the Country.”
The party called on the Faculty Association and the University’s Administration to desist from politicizing the matter at hand for the benefit of short term gain; something it said will endanger the stability on campus.

It, at the same time called on ULFA to disengage from its decision of declaring a vote of no confidence in the administration of Dr. Julius Nelson and reframed from the go-slow action that was announced.

He added that such action erodes students’ confidence in faculty members and hampers the effort of resuming classes in keeping with the academic calendar.

He furthered called on both parties to put aside their differences and seek judicial review as stated in section 9.10 of the code of conduct for legal interpretation and clarification in order to settle the conflict of interest on double dipping.

He said the parties should opt for a “negotiation to ensure that the situation is normalized under an atmosphere in which the UL administration, ULFA and the students can coexist in a friendly manner to foster peace and academic excellence at the State-run University.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Kollie is at the same time calling on the President of Liberia, George Weah to mandate the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to take a swift action which would put in place a framework mechanism of UL staff and members of ULFA wishing to adjust their status without interfering with their living conductions.

He, therefore urged the Government of Liberia to carefully access the portential threat the dispute poses on national security and the negative impact it has on the reopening of school.

He, however extended SUP’s appreciation to the Government of Liberia for the ongoing renovation work on the Capitol Hill campus, and called for the allocation of budget for the second phase of the renovation work at the Fendell and the Senjay campuses in Montserrado and Grand Cape Mount Counties respectively.

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