Support for Female Presidential Candidate Sara Nyanti Grows Stronger After Address at Center for Exchange of Intellectual Opinion

Monrovia, Carey Street – Renowned female presidential candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti garners increased backing, following her appearance at the Center for Exchange of Intellectual Opinion.

Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti, Senior party leader of the African Liberation League, shared her commitment to combating corruption as a cornerstone of her administration’s initial 100-day agenda, during an address to citizens at the Center for Exchange of Intellectual Opinion on Carey Street in Monrovia Tuesday.

Highlighting her plan’s focus on establishing an anti-corruption body, Nyanti affirmed that this initiative would effectively address corruption issues and offer protection to whistleblowers. She said ‘’The transformation of our Country is based on dialogue and consensus-building. Our strength lies in our diversity and by that, we should embrace each other’’ She said.

The flagbearer of the African Liberation League underlined that Liberia’s progress rests upon the collective shoulders of its citizens, a cause she pledged to champion regardless of personal opinions regarding her or her party.

Subsequent to her address, four individuals promptly pledged allegiance to the African Liberation League, citing the alignment of Madam Nyanti’s vision with the present realities of Liberia.

“We are proud that a well-experienced development expert like you with like mind can join the process of transforming our nation and we stand with you denouncing our previous political parties,’’ one of the supporters said.
Nyanti, a high-profile UN diplomat continues to woo voters with her message of building Liberia if elected. She is counting on her experience at the UN where she served in several high-profile positions.

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