Supreme Court Orders Magistrates To Release Pre-Trial Detainees Due to Prison Overcrowding

The Supreme Court of Liberia has instructed magistrates to release pre-trial detainees amidst reports of a looming health crisis at the central prison.

The mandate was given by the honorable court recently ordering Magistrates in Montserrado County to release Pretrial detainees with minor offenses, who served beyond a period of a 30-day jail term.

Last week the Prison Sup said they reverted to rejecting suspect criminals due to overcrowding.

According to prison officials, the prison is overcrowded as such they have vowed not to allow any more inmates until measures are instituted to address overcrowding at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court’s recent decision followed an outcome of a meeting between Justice Minister—Frank Musa Dean and Justices of the Supreme Court in connection with the huge overcrowding of the prison facility.

The decision comes after the West Point Magisterial Court issued a contempt charge against Monrovia Central Prison Superintendent Varney Lake for refusing to jail a defendant from the court.

Some of the inmates complained of an outbreak of strange skin disease at the prison Assistant Justice Minister for correction could not uprightly confirm but said if the prison is extremely overcrowded you expect such.

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