Liberia’s 54th Legislature Resumes 6th and Final Session

With months to the Presidential and Legislative Elections in October this year, the Senate Pro-tem of the Liberian senate Albert Chie has committed members of the Senate to ensure free, fair, creditable, and violent free elections throughout the Country that will include their actions, statements and oversight responsibilities.

Speaking at the opening of the 6th session of the Liberian Senate on Monday, the Pro-tem used the occasion to submit several suggestions regarding critical National issues and others pending in committee rooms which according to him will be considered as part of the Senate’s work plan for this 6th session.

The Senate pro-tem made reference to the 2023 National Budget noting that the committees on ways, means, Finance, and Budget Public Accounts have not started work on the budget due to the late submission by the Executive branch of government.

The Grand Kru County Senator also reveals that the leadership of the Liberian senate has mandated all relevant committees to ensure that the National budget formalities are finalized.

According to Mr. Chie, the budget is program-based, and performance reports on the implementation of the 2022 National Budget are received from agencies inclusive of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

Senate Pro-tempore Albert Chie further stated it is unfortunate that history has never been kind to Senators seeking re-election in the country.

Delivering his message at the opening ceremony of the 6th and final session of the 54th Legislature in Monrovia, Senator Chie said most hardly get reelected despite years of hard work and constant visits to constituencies.

The Grand Kru County Senator further expressed optimism that this class of Senators will be an exception and the return rate will be high.

He also urged all of his legislative colleagues to work towards the goal of ensuring that all seeking re-election in the October 10, 2023 elections be retained by their constituents.
According to him, multi-party democratic elections do not always produce the best elective public servants, adding that there are many reasons for this.
Pro-tempore Chie averred that multi-party democracy which ensures one man, one vote, is the surest way, laid down in the constitution for the will of the people to be met and satisfied and their own voices to be heard.

“Most of our seats are up for electoral contestation in the last quarter of this year, despite years of hard work and constant visitation to constituencies, history has unfortunately never been kind to senators seeking re-elections, we hope this class will be an exception and the return rate will be high, I urge all of us to work towards this goal he noted”

Meanwhile, President Pro-term Albert Chie said, the Plenary of the Liberian Senate and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning have not reached a consensus on the payment of debts owed to domestic businesses and other vendors in the Country.
Speaking further pro-term Chie noted that the Liberian Senate will request the Ministry of Finance and development planning to provide the names and other information of vendors and other businesses for payment from the 2022 National budget, something he said will serve as a pre-requisite for the approval of the balance domestic debt owed.
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