The Downfall of Women’s Soccer in Liberia

The Liberia Upper Women’s League defending champions Determine Girls are allegedly planning to pump a huge amount of money into struggling DC Shooters to not turn up for their match day Twenty-one fixture this weekend in the Woman’s Upper League.

The reason behind Master Queen and her girl’s idea

If DC Shooters fail to show up for the match against Blanco FC this weekend they will be charged by the Liberia Football Association for violating Chapter (3) Section (4.2f) of the competition rules which state “Any Club failing to honor a match except in the case of force majeure determine by the Liberia Football Association should forfeit the match and be fined the sum of 150,000 Liberian Dollars to be paid before her immediate next match.

Therefore three (forfeitures ) shall amount to automatic RELEGATION”.

Having said that, DC Shooters had forfeited two matches this season and with the plan support coming from Determine Girls camp, DC Shooters are set to forfeit their weekend match against Blanco FC to be relegated.

What happened when they are Relegated?

If DC Shooters are relegated this weekend as planned by the defending champions Determine Girls they will automatically move into first place on the twelve-teams table for the first time this season and could lead to winning the league for the third straight time in a row.

How can that be possible?

If DC Shooters get relegated to the Women’s Lower League following their failure to honor this weekend’s fixture all the teams in the league that defeated DC Shooters or even got a draw against Shooters will end up losing said points.

For Example, the League leader Ambassador FC defeated DC Shooters back to back accommodating six points from the two matches played will end up losing all six points and all goals scored during said matches.

In the result, Determine Girls who are seated in second place will lose all the four points they accommodated from the two meetings against DC Shooters and will automatically move the defending champions to the number one position on the league table.

Current Standing.

  1. Ambassador FC –(50pts)- 6pts =44pts
  2. Determine Girls — (49pts)-4pts =45pts

League Standing if DC Shooters taste relegation.

  1. Determine Girls — (49pts)-4pts =45pts
  2. Ambassador FC –(50pts)- 6pts =44pts

In the end, Determine Girls will be champions again.

With that, it could be a bad journey for young female players in Liberia.

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