The Fox Eugene Lenn Nagbe Makes Move, Seeks to Replace Sanctioned  Mcgill

The Fox Eugene Lenn Nagbe Makes Move, Seeks to Replace Sanctioned  Mcgill

As they fall on big names and may fall on more, casualties of war are being counted,  worst of all, plots are unfolding in government as The Wolves and foxes begin to plot and fill positions held by those sanctioned and will be sanctioned in the nearest future.

One character known to master the art of performing such a feat is the Present Maritime commissioner, Eugene Lenn Nagbe, who is no longer hiding his interest in filling out the position already vacant by sanction and suspended Minister of State Nathaniel McGill.

It must be clear that Eugene who have from the days of working with former and Vice President of late memory, Moses Blah, came back during the transitional government of Bryant to head Post and Telecommunication as Minister, and when everyone felt he was gone after the LNTG, he was seen in the Ellen government filling several Ministerial positions, from Transport, Youth and Sports, Ministry of information etc, today another plot is unfolding.

During the long period of being minister  under the Weah Led government, Nagbe had no good relations with McGill and Minister of Finance. These and more are going to become a major stress for such an unfolding, pundits wait to see how the new boy on the lobbying block succeeds in making this happen.

Eugene Lenn Nagbe who over the years have ran into big hitches with the International community over the killing of Former Charles Taylor warLord, Sam Bokarie, once arrested in New York as he landed at the JFK, one who never had good working relationship with staffers of all the Ministries, became minister and brought the morales and quality of leadership to the lowest, when he does take over such mantle of leadership, where he has to constantly act in the capacity of President Weah as Officer in charge as the President performs international engagement, what will be the situation of the country?

With the Terrible diplomatic scandal surrounding the Minister of Foriegn Affairs, will President Weah decide to now pick another person who will limit his government  International Influence, by showing to the world that Liberia has limited options to appoint int key positions in government or it is just outrightly a mad situation of having a government so scared of itself that brings in new hands that may create more chaos than can manage?

So in the early years of the Weah Led government, Eugene and two other famous Ministers, once took a famous picture which was interpreted as saying to all those in opposition to shut up and allow them catch their fun, these Ministers today are either sanctioned or under scrutiny by the International community, including Eugene Lenn Nagbe,  where he is lobbying to take over McGills position, is yet to be seen.

With all the revelations around the sanctioned individuals, there is more to the reality than that which meets the eyes.
Questions needing answers……..

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