“There is Absolutely no Room for Error”… UL President Warns Emerging Science Students

“There is Absolutely no Room for Error”… UL President Warns Emerging Science Students

Monrovia, Liberia: over ninety nine secondary Students from across the country have benefited from a month long study to enhance their knowledge in the field of science. The program, Camp xSEL, is an annual science camp for secondary school students and research on utilizing evidence in health science. It is initiated by the University Of Liberia College Of Health Sciences in Partnership with the USAID- funded Bride-U, Liberia Project.. 

Speaking during the climax of the program, the President at the University of Liberia,Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, described the graduates of Camp xSEL (Excellence in Science Education for Liberia) as crème de la crème for the medical future of Liberia. 

The UL President pointed out that the program is designed in line with the overall modernization of the health education program and as such, students who go through the process are mentored to be the best medical practitioners for the future. 

He urged them not to lose track of their passion as there is no room for error in the medical field. 

The renowned Liberian educator called on the students to be steadfast, vigilant and focused in the realization of their dream and aspiration. 

“There is absolutely no room for error as your role is to protect lives from deaths… to our UL staff and partners, we say remain committed to recruiting qualified clinicians for the medical field in Liberia because the camp is one of the many approaches to improving health education in Liberia. It is my hope and prayer that this program will attract the attention of more young Liberian students,” he noted. 

“This program was crafted as part of the overall modernization of health education in Liberia especially at the University of Liberian and so you are our crème de la crème, who the country can depend on for the future,” Rev. Dr. Nelson added.

Serving as guest speaker, Dr. Angela Benson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Benson Hospital in Paynesville, encouraged the campers to always aim for the very best not and not settle for less.

Dr. Benson called on the students to strive for excellence even if they are out of the space of monitoring. 

“You can be that excellent person that you want to be that Liberia can depend on you… You must be able to nurture your goals until it is harvest.” The Benson Hospital Deputy CEO noted.

Students were recruited from the various counties based on the percentage of high school in each county.

According to Madam Comfort Enders, Senior Deputy Director for Faculty and Students’ Learning at UL, there were 100 students from 11thgrade and 12th grades, out of which 51 were females while 49 were male, in fulfillment of the program’s gender parity goal. 

The second batch of the camp was held at the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

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