Tragic Accident Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

At least one person has died, and several others were wounded in a tragic vehicle accident on the Monrovia-Buchanan highway.

The accident occurred in Duwien town along the Buchanan-Monrovia highway in Grand Bassa late Thursday evening.

Eyewitnesses who were around when said accident occurred narrated that four vehicles were involved in the tragic accident but didn’t mention if any of the vehicles were en route to Monrovia or Buchanan.

The cause of the accident is yet to be discovered. Still, K-News had gathered that such an accident might result in the overtaken and high-speed exhibit by some commercial drivers which has been one of the significant challenges passengers are experiencing daily.

The distance from Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County to Monrovia is about one hundred and forty-eight kilometers and ninety-two miles.

Most commercial drivers usually drive at an average speed of sixty-four kilometers per hour with a travel time of two hours eighteen minutes per trip instead of forty-eight kilometers per hour with a travel time of three hours four minutes per trip.

The Buchanan-Monrovia highway seems to be a regular accident route where some Liberians meet their unexpected demise.

Photo: AbleeJay TV

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