Tragic Car Accident Leaves Over Seven Dead, Several Injured in Paynesville- Latest Liberian News

Paynesville- Wednesday was a scene of sorrow for residents of District #6 in Montserrado county when a twelve-tire truck loaded with electrical appliances lost control along the ELWA RIA High way resulting in the death of at least eight people.

Key among them was Emmanuel Boyah an officer of the Liberian National Police (LNP) and Lucky Smart, a promising young student of the African Dream Academy of Rep. Samuel Enders along the ELWA-Rehab road.

Others who met their untimely demise include Kekeh Riders, motorists, Pettit traders, taxi drivers, and pedestrians seen along the ELWA-RIA road.

The truck loses control, zags into other vehicles and bursts into flames killing at least seven people.

Speaking with K-NEWS, Emmanuel Dahn, one of the eyes witnesses attributed the tragic incident to the slow pace of the road construction leading to Robert’s International Airport. According to him, the current condition of the road coupled with defective cars is a complete death trap. Dahn stressed the need for the government of Liberia to fast-track the construction work for safe and free movement.

“The driver was trying to get on the path, but loose control and could not use other parts of the road due to several allay and detour along the road, he loose control and ran into the kekeh, cars, schoo children,” Dahn said.

He added, “this road is a complete death trap and the President needs to do something about it… the work on this road has stayed too long”.

Also speaking to K-NEWS late Tuesday evening, Rep. Samuel Enders expressed sadness over the situation resulting in the death of one of his students.

Like Dahn, Rep. Enders stressed the need for the construction company to fast-track the road construction process.

The ELWA to RIA road is being constructed by East International.

However, as a result of the terrible nature of the road, two people were admitted for treatment at a local hospital after a vehicle belonging to Deputy Transport Minister J. Darious Kollie slipped into a deep ditch along the scary road month ago.

The doldrums of the project recently has caused businesses on the highway to shut down due to the poor construction of the road.

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