U.S. Embassy In Monrovia Trains Fifteen Liberian Journalists- Latest Liberian News

Monrovia, Liberia- The United States Embassy in Monrovia has climaxed a six-month intensive media mentorship program with fifteen Liberian journalists.

Organized by the Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Embassy, the journalists consisting of reporters, news directors, and editors were trained about the essential role of journalism, journalistic history as well as spotting misinformation and disinformation.

To also sharpen their knowledge ahead of the October 10 general elections, the selected journalists were also trained in electoral and investigative reporting.

Known as the second cohort, the independent journalists were trained by experts in the field of journalism, including the Deputy Chief of Mission Joel Maybury and key mentor, Linda Hervieux.

In 2022, the embassy graduated the first cohort consisting of several journalists.

According to the U.S Government, media mentorship training is part of its efforts for a healthy society.

At the climax of the six-month program, the U.S. Embassy certificated and congratulated the graduates and cautioned them to use the knowledge gained.

The management of Kool 91.9 FM/TV/knewsonline.com lauds the United State Government for being one of the beneficiaries.
Congratulations to all…

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