UL Braces for Violence as Ruling CDC Stalwarts Challenge SUP and Storm Campus – Latest Liberian News

MONROVIA – Normal learning activities at the state-run University of Liberia were disrupted following an ongoing stalemate between officials of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP) backed by Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of District #10, Montserrado County.

It all started when Aloysius Howe, an official of the Government and partisan of the CDC was chased out of the campus by SUP last week on grounds that he is among members of the ruling party involved in looting the state at the detriment of ordinary Liberian citizens.

SUP had vowed that any officials of the Weah-government accused of corruption or seen in the company of those accused of graft will not be allowed on the campus of the University of Liberia.

Following the incident, opposition lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah praised SUP and promised to have lunch with the party on the campus. On Monday, he visited the campus with a large group of supporters.

But challenging SUP, Rep. Acarous Moses Gray of Montserrado County District #8, with large numbers of supporters also stormed the Capitol Hill Campus of the University Liberia. He and fellow CDC lawmaker, Dixon Wlawlee Seboe had earlier vowed to visit the campus in the wake of the attack against Howe.  

Upon his arrival, Rep. Gray whose electoral district hosts the UL Capitol Hill Campus soften his tone, and said he was invited by his supporters who are students of the University. His arrival was marred by a brief altercation between his supporters and members of SUP with both parties throwing stones at each other which led to the injury of several others.

However, the violent subsided and, following a prompt intervention by officials believed to be members of the Liberia Council of Churches, Rep. Gray agreed to leave the campus. However, up to press time, he was still there.

Detail of this development to follow.

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