Unity Party SG takes Witness stand in ongoing CPP Framework document Case at Monrovia City Court

Monrovia- The Secretary General of the opposition Unity Party, Mo Ali has taken the witness stand to testify in the ongoing CPP’S trial at the Monrovia City court.

Ali is the fifth subpoenaed witness in the ongoing trial that is before the Magistrate of the Monrovia City Court, Jomah Jallah.

In testifying to the framework document filed to NEC, the unity Party general Secretary also affirmed that the exact copy brought by NEC chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah is indeed a photocopy.

It can be recalled that the former Vice president Joseph Boakai testified that the document was a photocopy, adding that the signatory page attached to it was the original.

Ali furthered that the May 19, 2020 signing of the framework document was done via zoom and he was charged with the responsibility to take the documents to be signed by the various parties, political leaders and chairpersons.

According to him, five copies of the documents was produced – one intended for the NEC and the rest for the four constituent political party’s secretariat.

Affirming the former Vice President’s testimony, the UP SG noted that after lawyers reviewed and made the ten recommended suggestions, which was submitted to the CPP’S leadership, the constituent parties never received their copies of the framework document.

“At the time of the signing, the Alternative National Congress held the chairmanship of the Party with defendant Aloysius Toe as the secretary general of the Collaboration” he said.

“After reviewing the document presented to him by prosecution lawyers in court, he noted the document is not the same as the document he took around to be signed by the various parties. Ali also added that the document signed on May 19, 2020, was in color and not in black and white”.

By: Rachel Saykeimien

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