UP supporters flashes brand new campaign cars in social media post     

The UP supporter bragged that contrary to the ruling party’s assertions; the UP is financially strong and is ready for campaign. Credit: Eugene Bing Teah Facebook.

MONROVIA – It appears that the upcoming October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections will not only be about the candidates on the ballots, but their material wealth, especially the campaign logistics.

Since Henry Costa accused Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai of betraying him and upsetting his political financiers to hold back their US$30 million in stored for a potential Boakai-Costa ticket, many supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) have been taking to social media to taunt the UP partisans that their party is broke and could not survive financial might of the CDC.

Unity Party standard bearer Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai and key supporter, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon. Credit Eugene Bing Teah Facebook.

To make things worse, the CDC has also been flaunting a fleet of brand new and beautiful decorated cars purchased for the crucial campaign period.

Despite the CDC flamboyance, the opposition is not deterred. Recently, a UP supporter, Eugene Bing Teah took to his Facebook account and posted several new vehicles emblazoned with the party’s emblem. He bragged that contrary to the ruling party’s assertions; the UP is financially strong and is ready for campaign.

“He writes: Those criminals from CDC say we don’t have money to run our campaign and we said no to them. We have money to purchase logistics to engage our people but unfortunately, we don’t have stolen money to share like ATM machines to our people. We will see whether our people will take the stolen money elect GMW and live like slaves for the next 6 years or to elect JNB and have a decent life. We are getting set for the campaign Liberians Rescue Team is the Best.”

Another UP supporter, Sonnie Fatorma, replied, “I’m happy very very much Happy JNB the best. We will vote for him not for money.”

But a CDC supporter, Antonio Howard, responded: “What decent life u people are bragging about every day, 12years was there any decent life… All I can say let wait October 10 CDC.”

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    Hansen King 2 months

    JNB all the way CDC just like big show with no leadership ability is not what we want

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