UPP Suspends Six Executive Committee Members for Conspiracy

The leadership of the United People’s Party (UPP) sitting at its National Headquarters, has immediately suspended six of its Executive Committee (EC) members for one month for flagrant violation of the party’s constitution.

These suspended include Edward T. Farley, acting National Vice Chair for Public Relation, Aretha Divine- National Vice Chair/ Gender Main Streaming, Bobbyson Sorboti -Acting National Vice Chair for Recruitment and Mobilization, Robert Warnee -Acting National Treasurer, Edmond Ponpon-Acting National Vice Chair for Administration, Roland Trobeh- Acting National Vice Chair for Political Affairs

According to a release, the suspended partisans have been conducting illegal meetings in the name of UPP with the intent of supporting another opposition political party for financial inducement in the upcoming 2023 general elections.

It further that the action of the six partisans, runs contrary to the UPP’s constitution in article 3.6 (a) 1, 2,3,4,5 which states, amongst other things, that the Chairman of the party shall, in collaboration and consultation with other members of the National Executive committee (EC), oversees and coordinate the Administration of the Party.

And that for the avoidance of doubt, the National Chairman shall: ii. Serve as Head of the National Executive Committee at all times, Chief spokesperson and authorizer of the Party and the National Executive Committee, whenever the National Party Congress is not in session.

In this case, the Chairman of the party, Susannah Lorpu Mator Seton, did not by any means or form approve any such meeting.

The suspended partisans’ action also undermines Article 5.1(f) of the UPP’s constitution.

Meanwhile, the six suspended partisans are mandated to submit themselves to the Grievance and Ethics Committee chaired by Partisan Kla Nathaniel Moore for Interrogation.

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