Bomi Court Sets Tuesday for Final Arguments in Two- year old Murder Case Latest Liberia News

TUBMANBURG, Bomi County – The resident Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court   T. Ciapha Carey has set Tuesday May 23,2023 for final arguments into the murder case of a two-year-old boy, who was butchered by his relatives in Zealey Town, Bomi County, and extracted his body parts.

The Jury will retire in their room of deliberation after listening to the final arguments from prosecutors and defense lawyers where they’ll hand down a verdict either in favor or against the defendants.

On May 10, the deceased’s uncle, Momo Gray pleaded guilty to the crime of murder after he appeared at the 11th Judicial Circuit Court, while the father of the boy Siaffa Gray pleaded not guilty. 

Initially, six persons were arrested, but four were released after it was established that they played no part in the murdering of the two-year boy. The uncle and father of the boy were charged and currently facing trial in the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in Bomi County.

The two defendants were indicted during the February A.D. term of court by the ground jury of Bomi County for the crime of murder.

Despite his guilty plea, state prosecutors said they will put aside his plea and go into the case which commenced on May 10 to produce evidence against him.

During the trial, state prosecutors produced three general witnesses and rebuttal witness while the defendants testified in their own behalf.

Defendant Momo Gray, the uncle of the deceased, taking the witness stand and testifying on his behalf on May 19, admitted to murdering his nephew, but alleged that he acted upon the order of the child’s mother; whom he said was encouraged to have her son killed in order to sell the major organs for money due to hardship.

Also testifying on his own behalf, the father of the deceased pleaded not guilty.

In January, the mutilated body parts of little Saah Momo was discovered in the home of his grandfather in Bomi County. The Liberia National Police (LNP) arrested the deceased’s uncle and five other persons in connection to the death of the child.

Those arrested were Momo Gray, Siaffa Gray, Cooper Ross, Satta Wonda, the mother of the deceased and Omacy Nyei.

At the time police established that the suspects committed the act for financial gains, and were subsequently brought to the headquarters of the Liberia National Police to be questioned.

But the police failed to state whether their investigation discovered who these suspects were trading the body parts to.

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