Court Pardons Seven Traditional Leaders After Ransacking Magistrate- Latest Liberian News

Monrovia- The Supreme Court of Liberia has released seven traditional leaders of Bong County after serving three months of jail sentences for ransacking Magistrate in the area.

The seven convicts were held in contempt by the supreme court for their deliberate actions at the Magisterial Courts in Salala, Gbartala, and Bong Mines in Bong County.

But, the quest by the high court to have the convicts released was based on a request for pardon prayed for in a communication by the defendant’s lawyers back with surety.

Reading the Supreme Court mandate, chief justice Yuoh, said that the court cannot grant the request for pardon but rather they will grant them parole.

According to her, it is the power of the Supreme Court to extend mercy to the petitioners if their imprisonment warrants the same.

The petitioner has served three months out of the six months sentence of imprisonment imposed by the supreme court and thereafter expressed remorse for their action.

In a communication from the traditional leaders, they said that they would remain law abiding at all times and uphold the integrity and dignity of the court within the republic.

The Chief Justice then granted the convict’s request for further release from detention but with the provision that they report once monthly to the ministerial officer of their respective magisterial court who shall record their attendance.

Those weeds who are currently serving jail sentences include Commissioner Daniel Tubman, Clinton Brown Acting City Mayor of Totota City, Robert Sulu, Acting General Town Chief of Totota City, and Miller Bondo Youth Leader of Salala District.

Others are Varfee Sirleaf, Poro Gorve Operator in Salala District, Ernest White, Cultural Advisor, and Joseph Kollie; the Acting Paramount Chief of Fuahmah Chiefdom.

In the Supreme Court judgment, it was stated that the act by the chiefs, commissioners, and mayors violated the constitutional principle of separation of powers and the immunity granted to judicial officers in performing their duties.

They were found contemptuous guilty of the crime of criminal contempt of the Judicial Branch of Government, as their sentence commenced on the date of rendition of the judgment.

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