Darkness Engulfs Lone Maternal Waiting Home in Palala, Kpai District, Pose Threats to Pregnant Women

Palala Town, Bong County– Dozens of pregnant women at the lone maternal waiting home in Palala, Kpai District are calling on the government of Liberia through the ministry of health to restore electricity at the facility.

According to pregnant women who are currently at the facility awaiting delivery, darkness has engulfed the maternal waiting home thereby leaving midwives and medical doctors assigned to the area with no alternative but to use phone lights for delivery.

The maternal awaiting home situated along the Gbarnga-Ganta high in Palala town was constructed years back by the government of Liberia to accommodate pregnant ladies while awaiting safe delivery.

But according to our Bong County Correspondent, since the facility was constructed in the region, it has been confronted with numerous challenges ranging from the lack of basic materials and medical drugs among others.

The over 14 pregnant women at the facility are quoted as saying; they usually sleep on touch and phone lights during night hours, something they described as unsafe for their well-being.

It is reported that authorities of the maternal awaiting home over the years have engaged the central government through their immediate Bosses at the Bong County Health Team but all have fallen on deaf ears.

The Palala maternal waiting for home authorities on the other hand expressed frustration over what they termed as the Ministry of Health’s alleged failure of catering to major facilities making great impacts in the health sector across the country.

According to local leaders of the area, if something is not done by MOH to remedy the situation currently unfolding at the waiting home, they foresee the loss of local citizens’ lives most especially pregnant women waiting for delivery.

Meanwhile, all initial efforts exerted by our reporter to get an inquiry from the Bong County Health Team through its administrator did not materialize.

By: Albert Fania- Bong County Correspondent

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