‘Don’t Be Complacent’ James Debbah Cautions Lonestar Not to Repeat National Team’s 2002 Mistake ahead of Crunch Match – Latest Liberian News

Speaking on Kool FM’s breakfast show ‘The Morning Ride’, Debbah, Liberia’s most celebrated football star and ex-national team’s coach said he is optimistic that the Lonestar will triumph over Bafana Bafana, but there should be ‘no room for complacency.

MONROVIA – Former Lonestar Coach and Liberia’s most celebrated soccer star, James salinsa Debbah has warned the current Lonestar squad not to repeat his (Debbah) and his colleagues including current President George Weah’s mistake in 2002 when the Lonestar failed to beat Ghana to qualify for the World Cup.

Speaking on Kool FM’s breakfast show ‘The Morning Ride’, Debbah said he is optimistic that the Lonestar will triumph over Bafana Bafana, but there should be ‘no room for complacency.’

“From all indication, I am sure we will prevail. I am very, very optimistic that we can get a win,” he said. “But no time for slackness and complacency because South Africa is a very good team. I want to resonate that. The ball possession, the circulation of ball, good midfield and they have good attack. “We should be very careful. Football now has evolved, anything can happen. Look at Guinea Bissau beat Nigeria in Nigeria,” he said.

Debbah (Left) with old pal and team mate George Weah (now President of Liberia) at the tail end of their careers, are two of Liberia’s greatest players.

Debbah, Liberia’s highest goal scorer and most celebrated soccer star was part of the Lonestar team, dubbed the George Weah Eleven that needed just a win over the Black Star of Ghana in 2002 on home soil to be qualified for the 2002 World Cup co-hosted by South Korea and Japan. Debbah and his teammates had won 3-1 in Ghana and needed a win to top the group and be qualified. But disappointingly, the Lonestar suffer an excruciating 2-1 defeat at the hands of the Ghana Black Star that comprised of local based players.

“We were on the verge to World Cup qualification against Ghana Black Stars, a locally based Ghana Black Star National Team, but we failed. This South Africa team, everyone overlooking it. South Africa is a very good team. No time for complacency. For me we are the underdog,” Debbah warned.

In the current campaign, the Lonestar earned a valuable 2-2 draw in South Africa, thanks to two substitutions by Coach Keita that changed the game.

Debbah thanked Coach Keita and his technical squad for the effort and preparations so far and expressed hope that they will deliver the needed result today.  Asked whether he will witness the match, he said he has already met with the squad and spoke with players individually and had a launch with the coach and expressed his appreciation.

He called on the fans to manage their enthusiasm and act accordingly to not risk violating FIFA’s rules.

A win for the Lonestar in the game which will be played on the newly refurbished Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex this evening, will give the team an unassailable advantage to qualify for the African Cup of Nations in neighboring Ivory Coast. If that happens, it will be the Lonestar’s first time in 21 years to qualify for the continent’s biggest and most prestigious sporting tournament.

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