LEC Chief Captan Hails Liberians’ Ability to Run Facility after Ten Years of Foreign Management – Latest Liberian News

HARRISBURG – The Board Chairman and acting Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) Monie Captan as expressed confidence in the Liberian staff’s ability to effectively manage the corporation after ten years under a foreign management.

Mr. Captan, speaking to reporters during the commissioning of LEC Unit #2 power plant at the Mount Coffee Hydro Power Plant in Harrisburg, praised the Liberian staff including engineers for successfully completing the annual maintenance work all by themselves.

“You all cannot imagine how happy I am that after over ten years of foreign management and doing all works here at Mount Coffee, Liberians are now capacitated and in full readiness to do the annual maintenance works and management for the active units all by themselves,” Mr. Captan said.

Captan explained that the regular maintenance is the best way to have a sustainable electricity sector for the country.

The LEC CEO and Board chair called on the Liberian populace to appreciate the works that is being done within the electricity sector.

He made a passionate appeal to citizens and residents in the territorial borders of the country who are being supplied with LEC current to be patriotic by paying their electricity bills.

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