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Mengistu WoloKolie Ambition For Liberia’s Presidency Hangs, Suspends Campaign Due to Limited Resources

Mengistu Wolokolie, a presidential candidate in the pending elections have suspended his quest to contest due to limited resources for campaign purpose.

According to Wolokolie, in every part of the country he has been to, the electorates are only after what politicians can do for them currently without thinking about the future.

Excerpt from Wolokolie’s statement: I am suspending the campaign for President of Liberia. I am suspending my campaign not because I’m not too fond of the grueling task of traveling all over the nation but because that is what I enjoy the most. Not because I don’t think I can win, and not because I don’t think I can be a great president, but because I don’t have the resources to go on any longer.

According to him, the people of Liberia have sold their rights to better living conditions for bags of rice and quick cash. He said he has been rejected since he is “not willing to play ball to the tradition of Liberia”.

The retired US Army Soldier said Liberians are “belly-driven” and continue to follow politicians who are bent on lying to them for little or nothing.

The resignation of Mengistu WoloKolie from the Presidential post is coming just a few months before the most publicized election.

By: Emmanuel Toe

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