Narrow Escape! 40ft Container Falls, Crushes SUV On Broad Street – Latest Liberian News

MONROVIA – Several motorcyclists, kekeh riders, taxi drivers and street vendors narrowly escape death over the weekend on Sniper Hill, Broad Street when a 40ft-container fell after the truck lost power on Sniper Hill while climbing towards the Catholic Cathedral Church and the Unity Party headquarters.

The 18-tire truck, spray deep green carrying 40 feet container loaded with different kinds of logistics, lost power while going uphill. There was no casualty, according to eye witnesses but a parking SUV with not occupants was crushed.

Eye witnesses told K-news that the truck driver attempted several times to climb the hill, but lost power.

“One person was in the front seat along with the driver after the accident, both of them ran away before the police arrived on the scene,” an eyewitness explained.

“The truck was climbing this sniper hill very slow but each time the driver tried to apply brake, the truck head can lift up. It happened two to three times, then the car started coming back until this terrible thing happened,” another witnesses added.

Only a Nissan jeep with plate number A513910 was damage with no one inside, K-news reporter on the scene said.

In the wake of the incident, several motorcyclists, asking not to be named, called on the Government of Liberia not to allowed 40ft containers and other large vehicles ply the streets and other crowded places during the daytime.

“We are begging the government to stop these long vehicles from travelling during the day. At least allow hem by ten O’clock PM. They can start moving to avoid these terrible accidents.”

Another cyclist added: “This is not the first time for a container to fall from a truck. In waterside and other areas, containers accidents have killed and injured people. So, we want the government to act now to safe lives and properties. Let them stop these containers from moving in the day.”

Minutes after the incident on Broad Street, another container fell over from a truck near the Central Bank on Ashmun Street due to bake failure. It was transporting goods from the commercial hub of Vai Town on Bushrod Island, people who witnessed the incident told K-news.

Daniel Theo Cole

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