Taking Law Into their Hands: Margibi Aggrieved Residents Vow to go after Criminals If Attacked

DUAZON, MARGIBI COUNTY – Residents of Grand Gedeh Community in Duazon, Lower Margibi County have threatened to go after criminals that are constantly harassing them if the government fails to intervene.

According to the residents, the presiding Judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court illegally released six notorious criminals who were arrested in the community by the joint security.  

In August 2022, the joint security raided and arrested over 20 criminals from the Grand Gedeh Community in District 1 Margibi County.

Grand Gedeh community is known in Duazon to have the highest number of disadvantaged youths addicted to drugs and other harmful substances in the area.

Speaking to journalists, the elders of the community explained that Judge Deddeh Wilson allegedly released six of the criminals that were arrested by the joint security without their consent, something they said is creating serious problems for them.

“Based on the fact that these people (alleged criminals), have drug money, the case was played with,” the elder said.

According to the community chairman, when the six released “criminals” returned to the community, they started to harass peaceful citizens of the area and do away with their properties including some valuable personal belongings.

 “When they return to the community they cut our current wires, smashed my car windshields, and harass the women in the community” one of the residents explained.

The residents are calling on the Ministry of Justice to intervene and prosecute the criminals, warning that if their demand is not met they will take matters into their own hands.

The residents threatened to attack the “criminals” if they harass them.

“We are taking our plights to the temple of justice, but if our demand is not met, we will take the law into our hands. Anybody who attacks us, we will take the matter into our own hands.”

“These people (alleged criminals) are from home and some of their own family are living in this community, and any of them that think they can attack us and their parents go free, they are wrong because we are gonging to attack their parents as well.”

“If one house in this community is burned down, their parents’ houses will be burned down. If one person dies, their parents will not survive.  They will die as well.”

When contacted, Margibi Wilson said she reserved comments as the case is currently on trial.

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