Victim Jessica Lloyd Accuses American Missionary Boyfriend of Attempted Murder

MONROVIA – After receiving medical treatment at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Jessica Lloyd, the survivor of an alleged attempted murder, has broken silence. She accused her American boyfriend, Lucas Richards, of a gruesome attack that she miraculously survived.

Jessica recounted the horrifying incident, revealing that Richards had lured her to a secluded area under the pretense of changing a flat tire. In a shocking twist, he attacked her with a metal tool, attempting to slit her throat. Thankfully, a vigilant bystander intervened and saved her life.

According to Jessica, there were several warning signs that Richards might have sinister intentions, but she didn’t foresee the violence that would unfold. Describing the chilling encounter, she said, “While we were driving, we passed by a cemetery, and he suggested we stop and look at the graves. He mentioned it was a common practice in America, but I declined. Later, he pulled over, claiming there was a problem with one of the tires. He handed me the tools and asked for my help. While I was assisting him, he suddenly attacked me with the iron tool. I initially thought it was the tire that had burst, but I fell to the ground. As I tried to regain my senses, he took out a knife and began to attack me. Fortunately, a young man who had been watching us came to my rescue.”

Jessica’s alleged savior, who identified himself as Ernest, verified her account during an interview with reporters. He asserted that he witnessed Richards assaulting Jessica with a metal object and attempting to slit her throat.

He explained: “I saw the man hit the woman on the head with the metal tool and then bend over her, attempting to harm her. That’s when I rushed in, stopped the tricycle we were in, and instructed the driver to take her to the hospital. I also hired another tricycle to chase after the attacker.” Ernest mentioned that he sustained injuries while protecting Richards from an angry mob, and he was accompanied by a friend who had also been injured while helping to save Jessica’s life.

Jessica’s Mother’s Account

Earlier, Jessica’s mother suggested that the motive behind the attack might be connected to her daughter’s pregnancy, as Richards had expressed a desire to marry her. Allegedly, he had administered an injection to induce a miscarriage, resulting in severe bleeding. Following the initial incident, Richards had taken Jessica to ELWA Hospital for medical attention. After her discharge, he visited her mother’s residence, requesting to spend time alone with Jessica. However, she further alleged that Richards had drugged Jessica, rendering her unconscious, before attempting the gruesome act.

Richards’ Account

In a contrasting account of the events, Richards explained to reporters that he had picked up Lloyd, who had requested $150 to give to her mother. He stated that he drove her to the supermarket, where they purchased food items, including cornflakes and milk. After driving around for some time, he decided to drop her off at her destination. As she disembarked from his car and waited by the roadside for a commercial motorcyclist, Richards also exited the vehicle to address a flat tire.

He claimed that a sudden accident occurred when a speeding motorbike struck Lloyd, causing her to fall into a ditch. Abandoning his tire-changing task, Richards said he rushed to her aid. However, the motorcyclist accused him of attempting to harm her. Richards explained that Lloyd sought refuge in his car, but the growing crowd began to hurl objects at him. He added that in response to the escalating situation, Lloyd advised him to make his escape, which he did. He drove to the police station as an angry crowd of motorcyclists chased after him. Richards declined to comment on the nature of his relationship with Jessica when asked by the reporter.

LNP initiates arrest

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police (LNP) announced that the suspect, Lucas Richards, had been arrested and was currently in custody at the police headquarters. He is undergoing investigation for allegations of attempted murder and aggravated assault against Jessica B. Lloyd. The police revealed that Jessica had suffered lacerations on her neck, the back of her head, and her fingers during the attack.

As of now, Jessica Lloyd is receiving medical treatment at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, while suspect Lucas Richards remains in detention at the LNP headquarters on Capitol Hill in Monrovia. The police have assured the public that justice will be served in this case.

By: Daniel Theo Cole

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