VP Taylor-backed NPP Threatens to not Support President Weah’s Reelection Bid If …

MONROVIA – County Chairs and District Coordinators of the former governing National Patriotic Party (NPP) loyal to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor have vowed to withdraw their support from President George Weah’s re-election bid if the ruling coalition imposes unwanted leadership on them.

It can be recalled that the NPP’s October 7, 2022 biennial convention produced two sets of the party’s leadership- one backed by its standard bearer and political leader, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, and the other supported by the party’s embattled National Chairman, Maryland County Senator James Biney.

It happened after both sides could not find common grounds during the convention as they accused each other of tampering with the delegate list.

VP Taylor, claiming to get the backing of thirteen of the party’s county chairpersons moved outdoors with her supporters and conducted their affairs, outside Paynesville City Hall while Senator Biney and his team stayed within the hall and held theirs.

During VP Taylor faction’s convention, a resolution was adopted declaring all positions within the party vacant, and new leadership was set up. VP Taylor was unanimously chosen as the standard bearer while Cllr. Stanley Kpaklin was elected as National Chairman.

On the other divide, Senator Biney was re-elected as the party’s national chairman, along with several others including former Bong County Representative, George Mulbah, Vice Chairman for Administration; Mezgar Daudar, Vice Chairman for Operation and Alison Bargo, Vice Chairman for inter-Party Affairs.

Senator Biney’s side also adopted a five-count resolution mandating the new Chairman to maintain cooperation with the Coalition for Democratic Change for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections and to re-negotiate the framework document of the CDC.

Since then, both sides have claimed legitimacy and operating from separate party’s headquarters.

Following the split, the ruling Coalition set up a mediation team to probe into the dispute and find a solution as the coalition prepares to launch President Weah and VP Taylor’s re-election bid.

However, the VP-Taylor’s faction, during a mass gathering at their headquarters on Saturday accused the mediation team of playing double standard. According to them, the team is calling on all sides to return to the pre-biennial convention era.

The partisans, comprising of the County chairs, coordinators vowed to resist any attempt by anybody, irrespective of their position, to impose on them a leadership that does not enjoy the blessings and confidence of the partisans

Some key partisans were heard threatening not to participate in the impending December endorsement program for President Weah’s re-election bid and the 2023 campaign for the the CDC if the leadership of the governing authorities and the Coalition for Democratic Change attempt to impose an unwanted leadership on the NPP.

The NPP executives and partisans sent a resounding message to President George Weah, cautioning him not to be misled by those they referred to as selfish and visionless characters who are bent on painting a fake picture of what the realities of the party’s position is.

They reminded President George Weah and the other two constituent parties (Congress for Democratic Change and the Liberian people Democratic Party) that, in keeping with the coalition agreement, the NPP, like any of the three constituent parties, is an independent and responsible political party with the right to decide its leadership and path of governance without the intervention and interference of the government or any of the other two parties.

Earlier, the newly elected National Chairman of VP-Taylor’s faction of the NPP, Cllr. Stanley Kparkilen vowed that his leadership remains committed to upholding the will and desire of the majority, and is also committed to reuniting the NPP as the nation prepares for the much-anticipated 2023 elections that would ensure the re-election of the Weah-howard Taylor ticket.

Act of Double Standard

Some of the angry NPP partisans, speaking to reporters after the press conference, accused the mediation committee set up by the Coalition for Democratic Change of playing a double standard game by preferring a status quo ante resolution method which the partisans viewed as an attempt to undermine the democratic will of the people.

Sources closed to the national leadership of governing Coalition for Democratic Change have hinted that the leadership of the coalition, apparently influenced by powerful people, is favoring a resolution method that requires all parties going back to status quo ante, meaning Senator Biney remains National Chairman and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor remains the Standard Bearer until the 2023 elections.

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