VP Taylor Recognizes Sen. James Biney as NPP Legitimate Chairman Following Pres. Weah’s Instruction

Following months of disputes that led to the fractionalizing of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), the Party’s Standard Bearer Jewel Howard Taylor has publicly recognized Senator James Biney as the Legitimate Chairman of the Party.

Vice President Taylor’s recognition of Biney surfaces following instruction from President George Weah for the NPP to return to “status quo ante” and focus on the re-election of the Coalition in October 2023.

Speaking at a meeting at the NPP’s Tarr Town headquarters in Congo Town on Thursday, Madam Taylor said since the President made the request, she does recognize the Maryland Senator as the chairman.

Prior to her pronouncement, Senator James Biney demanded that he will not recognize the Vice President as Standard Bearer of the NPP until she recognizes him as Chairman and denounce Cllr. Stanley KpaKline as Chairman.

In response, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor acknowledged that while she was part of the faction that elected Cllr. KpaKline, but based on President Weah’s intervention, she no longer recognizes him as Chairman of the NPP.

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