‘We’ve got the evidence’ – Police Remain Adamant that Justice Scott, Three Family Members Murder Charloe Musu

MONROVIA – The Liberia National Police (LNP) said it has all the evidence implicating former chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three other family members as prime suspects in the death of Charloe Musu.

In February of this year, the daughter of the former Chief justice was stabbed multiple times at her (Justice Scott) home in Brewerville, Lower Virginia and later pronounced dead at a clinic.

But the LNP, releasing findings into the case during a major press conference on Wednesday June 21, informed the media that after gathering all information surrounding Charloe’s death, it is now established that no one broke into the home to commit to act as claimed by Justice Scott.

Speaking during a press conference at the Ministry of information on Wednesday, LNP Head of Crimes Services Department Prince Mulbah said, Cllr. Scott, Rebecca Wisner, Gertrude Newton and Alice Johnson were the only people in the house doing the night when the incident occurred.

According to Mulbah, the police crimes scene investigation shows that there was no intrusion into the home of the former Chief Justice as insinuated.

He said when community members first arrived at the scene, the victim was found in Cllr. Scott’s bathroom before being taken to the hospital. He said the police have gathered all the evidence to hold Cllr. Scott and the other three people liable for the crimes of murder, criminal conspiracy and raising false alarms.

“It has been established and proven beyond all reasonable doubts- first of all, that there was no intruder as it is being speculated or alleged. No intruder at all,” Col. Mulbah said.

Continuing, he stated: “And because we are saying no intruder at all, we want to go to the extent that you, our Liberian people and members of the fourth estate, will know that we are talking about the protection that this home has, how fortified the home is, to even has the slightest thoughts, that this home will be infiltrated by unknown person and commit crime and escape again, this is what we want you to know, that the police has got no reason to accuse anyone falsely.”

“We have got nothing to hide. We have done this work in partnership with other credible stakeholders and citizens. We got credible witnesses, who at the appropriate time will appear in court to testify.”

“It has been established and proven beyond all reasonable doubts- first of all, that there was no intruder as it is being speculated or alleged. No intruder at all.” Col. Prince Mulbah.

Since the incident occurred in February of this year, there have been a series of protests from family members and the public about the outcome of the investigation.

Renowned Liberian lawyer Cllr. Jerome Verdier accused Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee and a Monrovia City Police officer Varlee Telleh. The pair have since denied the allegation.

And Col. Mulbah stated that the police found “absolutely nothing suspicious linking Mayor Koijee or Varlee Telleh to the murder”.

On Tuesday, the former Chief Justice and her three relatives Rebecca Wisner, Getrude Newton and Alice Johnson were charged with murder, criminal conspiracy and raising false alarm to law enforcement and were detained by the police at their headquarters in Monrovia where they spent the night.

However, their lawyers, challenging their unlawful detention, filed a writ of Habeas corpus to Criminal Court “C”. The court, through Judge Blamo Dixon granted their request and ordered the Police to release them and restore all of their rights.

The Ministry of Justice and the police have vowed to levy the charges and issue their arrest any moment.

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