Who Is Fooling Who In Sheik Bassouru Kante’s Passport Saga?

As the President of Liberia, George Weah ordered hit squad investigation into Sheik Bassouru Kante’s passport saga, everyone would have expected by now a quick and complete report handed in as to know what honestly unfolded that led to Mr. Kante obtaining a Liberian Diplomatic passport.

The Foreign Minister, Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr was not able to meet the first deadline for the delivery of his findings in a report and the President pushed the date for such report to be completed.

With the current situation, is it possible that the report Liberians expect, may never see in the light of the day? Is it also possible for the investigator of the situation- a major culprit to said fraud be investigated? Is it possible that the President of Liberia knows for real, the true, situation as to how Kante got the passport he has been using to Dubai and living life like a king? Is it possible that the surrounding situation could trigger Monrovia city cooperation involvement, be exposed in full?

From all reasons, the President of Liberia, the Minister of Foreign affairs, Monrovia City Mayor as well as the Diplomat who is still serving in prison, need to explain to the Liberian people as it relates to said fraud BEING investigated.

However, while the wait is on with the challenge to the report also waiting, it yet unclear whether the investigator will come out with a clean report or they may come out with a report that will backfire big time on many.

Meanwhile, Knewsonline.com is following the investigation slowly and steadily, though the expected signs to show there is an investigation is not being seen, it is hoped that the investigation is ongoing.

The signs expected from the chairman of this investigation should be the following: the invitation to the serving diplomat whose passport is been duplicated to please the caprice of Bassouru Kante- who has three different names in the passport data of the government of Liberia.
Also, with the unfolding surrounding this passport saga, and the long wait for a simple report as this, other investigations that should be called out include: the diplomatic passport handed Omar Farouk, who was involved in the biggest bank fraud in Norway and the investigation is ongoing at the moment, several individuals that will be mentioned in subsequent publications as the series on the passport saga unfolds. These details promise to be clear and distinct and will leave every person interested in the growth of Liberia, get concerned with the direction Liberia is going.

It is worth noting that these investigations that started over and close to four years, with most completed, will explain in detail as it relates to the involvement of Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr, when he was Deputy Minister for administration at the same foreign ministry as well as the role of another Deputy Minister, Deweh Gray whose name has been mentioned in every fries of corruption and the damage to the nation’s passport.

Knewsonline, is determined to take these one by one, while awaiting the report on Bassouru Kante’s saga remains important to the general process.

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