World Girls Striker, Onwuka Chidinma Calls for more attention and support for women’s football in Liberia

Nigeria decent and World Girls Striker has disclosed that competition is not seen amongst female Players in Liberia as it is in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Striker Chidinma made the statement on Friday, June 18, 2022, at her Zubah Town residence in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Chidinma, who has two seasons with the World Girls, cautioned Liberians to see football as a priority.

According to her, making Liberia a football Country will shift several things including the economy towards upward mobility.

She asserted that unlike in Liberia, women’s football is a challenging game that gets girls participating with passion and diligence.

Chidinma wants much publicity to be done and players’ remuneration be increased to an encouraging amount that can provide a livelihood for the improvement of full-time to the game. She mentioned the lower division of the Women’s Football Department as one segment of the body of football that needs to be covered by the media.

She stressed that it will help the nation to direct its attention to the game as it will also serve as a point of attraction to get fans getting involved.

She applauded the Ambassador F.C as another Club doing pretty well after World Girls in the Liberia Women Football Department.

Speaking on transfer fees of Players, Chidinma said, the transfer issue in Liberia is discouraging; something she described as “far little than it is seen in the real football market.”

According to her, the average transfer deal never passes L$10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Liberian Dollars) in Liberia which doesn’t support the welfare of a Player.

As it relates to Sports infrastructures, chidinma asserted that Natural grass is better than the artificial turf that is dominating Liberian playgrounds.

She said it is nearly impossible to play when the atmosphere is hot with artificial turf.
As for Nigeria, at least natural grass pitches are so many, he disclosed.

By: Edwin Battaforyen

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