HOR Summons Defense Minister & AFL Chief of Staff Over Demolition Exercise in Duazon

Jun 7, 2024 - 12:15
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HOR Summons Defense Minister & AFL Chief of Staff Over Demolition Exercise in Duazon

By: William K. Howard

Capitol Hill: The plenary of the House of Representatives Thursday, June 6 voted to summon Defense Minister and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia over complaints of Demolition of several Properties along the Duazon, Margibi area by Personnel of the AFL allegedly on the order of the Minister of National Defense.

Plenary’s decision came as a result of three separate complaints from the citizens of Duazon through Margibi county district #1 Representative Roland O. Cooper and another from Sinoe County Electoral District #1 Representative Thomas Romeo Quioh.

In their communications to plenary, the citizens complain that on May 30, 2024, some armed AFL Personnel led by Col. Roland T. Murphy demolished lots of properties (Homes) on land where the Millennium Construction Company is situated.

For his part the Sinoe County lawmaker communication to plenary further stated that on May 30, 2024, whilst in section exactly at 1:38 pm, he received a call from his construction engineer on his site, informing him that armed soldiers under the command of Major Col. Davidson T. Forleh, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia, pulled out of the Edward Beyan Kesselly Military's Barrack, allegedly on the order of Hon. Geraldine George, Minister of National Defense, and marched on his 4-bed room, State-of-the- Art, residential building under construction.

He told plenary that the building sits on one acre of Land, situated at the back of the LTA Headquarters currently under construction as well, adjacent the commercial Complex of (Millennium Group of Companies), opposite the Edward Beyan Kesselly Military Barracks on the RIA HighWay, owned by a Ghanaian Businessman who is the CEO, known as Mohammed Abdullah who is allegedly a personal friend of the Chief of Staff and Hon. Joe Dorah, former Land commissioner of Margibi County.

According to Rep. Quioh the land on which the construction at bar is taking place, as a government official and a law-abiding citizen, cognizant of the legal means to acquire property, he sought advice and inquired on the legitimacy of the property in question before investing his resources, void of the use of political influence, he acquired the property through all legal means before erecting his house.

“My land was purchased on February 27, 2024, probated on March 18, 2024 and registered with the Liberia Land Authority on March 19, 2024, Vol.3-2024, Page 0300005039”. His communication was noted.

He said the Land was bought from one Mr. J. Robert Johnson, Administrator, while E. John Jaywheh and Youmonyou P. Shideryou are the Administrators. Hon. Roland Opee Cooper, Representative of Margibi County District #1, Emmett Rose, Konah Peter and Saybah Saryon witnessed the process.

“Hon. Speaker and Distinguished Colleagues, the demolition of my house and a warehouse, stocked with building materials cost $121,943.00 USD. When the warehouse was demolished, the soldiers that went with a yellow machine for the demolition exercise were seen looting the materials and taking them away in pickups. My construction engineer who was videotaping the event, the phone was seized by the armed soldiers. As we speak, they are still in possession of the phone”. Rep. Quioh’s communication.

Both Citizens and the lawmaker pray the plenary to cite the Minister of National Defense, Hon. Geraldine George, The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia, Col. Davidson T. Forleh to show the reason why these officials should not be held liable for bringing malicious and unwarranted pain to them and their families.

Meanwhile, following the reading of the communications, a motion was proffered by Sinoe County Electoral District 3 Representative Hon. Alex Noah to have both Defense Minister and Chief of Staff appear in plenary next Tuesday 11 June.


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