Fear Among Citizens as Sea Erosion Hits Greenville City

Jun 20, 2024 - 12:46
Jun 20, 2024 - 12:47
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Fear Among Citizens as Sea Erosion Hits Greenville City

Sinoe County: The sea erosion in Greenville City is gradually causing significant damage to the land and nearby houses in the Downtown Community.

 In an interview, Mother Mary Doe, a local resident, explained that the erosion has already claimed several homes close to the sea and has damaged a section of the road.

This is Downtown Greenville City Sinoe County Liberia.

She reported that due to the erosion, many residents have been forced to relocate to other communities following unanswered pleas to their county leaders.

"We, the citizens still residing in the community, are now fearful as the sea erosion threatens to destroy the remaining houses.Despite this, local and national leaders have yet to take any action," she added.

Meanwhile, some people are still managing to stay in the community, hoping for intervention from their leaders.

Mary Doe emphasized that the Downtown Community is a vital part of the county, housing many businesses.

The ongoing erosion has forced people to leave, causing severe hardship.She urged President Boakai to step in for the common good of the country.

By: Darious Dapae Sinoe County Correspondent.

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