Joint Securities in Maryland County Confiscates Large Quantities of Expired Goods

Jun 20, 2024 - 15:06
Jun 20, 2024 - 21:07
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Joint Securities in Maryland County Confiscates Large Quantities of Expired Goods

By: Peter Toe Jr.

Pleebo Maryland County: Maryland County's Joint Securities recently seized a substantial amount of expired goods at the Ritco Distillery Center.

Those items arrested include 2,768 pieces of fanta soft Drinks (equivalent to 173 sacks), 784 pieces of Power plate energy drinks (equivalent to 49 sacks), 36 pieces of of Best Choice Drinks (equivalent to 2 sacks), 114 bags of Corn Meal, 37 bags of mixed Super Garie & Milk, and 5 cups of Condensed Milk.

In response to recent allegations surrounding the incident, RITCO Distillery has issued a statement addressing information regarding goods found in their warehouse.

The management of RITCO Distillery has responded to recent allegations following an incident at its branch in Pleebo, Maryland County. 

Reports from Kool TV correspondant PETER TOE suggesting that expired goods were discovered by the Liberian government at a warehouse were intended for sale.

In a statement issued today, RITCO Distillery clarified that the goods found in their Pleebo warehouse were actually slated for disposal since 2023, pending approval from the appropriate authorities. They attributed the misinformation to rumors spread by a former employee dismissed for financial misconduct, who allegedly engaged in spreading false information about goods meant for disposal being sold to customers.

Moreover, RITCO emphasized that the goods under scrutiny were not their own products but rather those of their business partners. Despite a court order this morning allowing authorities to inspect their warehouse, the company remains committed to following all necessary procedures to ensure the supply of safe and high-quality consumable goods to their customers.

The management urged their customers to remain calm, reassuring them of their commitment to upholding stringent standards and complying with regulatory requirements.

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