One Man is Enough "Single woman attends church in a wedding gown in hopes of finding a husband"

Jun 11, 2024 - 08:13
Jun 11, 2024 - 08:13
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One Man is Enough "Single woman attends church in a wedding gown in hopes of finding a husband"

Ugandia Kampala:In the national and commercial capital of Uganda, a night prayer service turned dramatic when one of the female congregants turned up in a wedding dress. For regular service.

According to plusng an intentional news outlet, The woman arrived in her gown at the church in the evening hours and sat in the back rows of the church, her face fairly concealed under the blusher veil.

This incident happened at Victory Christian Church in Ndeeba, a Kampala suburb. The church is pastored by Joseph Serwadda a Ugandian pastor, who is also the Head of the Born-again Pentecostal Faith in Uganda.

At about 1:30 AM during his sermon, Pastor Joseph Serwadda admitted feeling confused on seeing a woman in a wedding dress during the night service.

“I did not understand what was happening because Ugandan laws do not allow a church wedding after 7 pm,” Serwadda remarked.

The woman was called to the pulpit to be prayed forHe was, however, left stunned upon being informed that the woman had come to church to be prayed for so he could find a husband.

Falling with laughter, the pastor invited the woman to the front, as the church cheered her loudly. He praised her for her boldness and for the inspiring act of faith in God.

Laying hands on her, the man of God declared that the woman to have a rea wedding before the end of this year.Pastor Serwadda praying for the woman

When you finally get your man, please come back here; I will personally wed you…but before that, I will give you She 500,000 for your shopping,” Pastor Serwadda pledged.

Other church members also pledged financial support to the woman’s wedding.Later on, during the church service, another man showed up with a wedding ring asking to be prayed for to find a bride.

He said he had recently planned a big wedding with his fiance, only to be disappointed by his family.

Pastor Serwadda also prayed for the gentleman to find a woman of his dreams before the end of the year.The woman arrived in a wedding dress for the night service

The Female congregant wore a wedding dress to a night prayer service at Victory Christian Church in Ndeeba, Kampala.She came to be prayed for to find a husband and God finally turn her faith into reality.

Pastor Serwadda pledged to personally wed the woman and offered financial support for her shopping

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