Sheriff Dies in Police Custody as Families Mounts Pressure For Justice

Jun 4, 2024 - 06:19
Jun 4, 2024 - 06:20
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Sheriff Dies in Police Custody as Families Mounts Pressure For Justice

Montserrado County: Andrew Hills, a sheriff at the clay Ashland Magisterial court died behind bars at the Zone Six police Depot in Brewerville District#17 Montserrado County. 

According to reports, Hills was on his way to make an arrest when he was involved in an accident that left him injured. 

Despite his injuries, he was taken into custody and placed behind bars at the Zone #6 police Depot in Brewerville, allegedly under the mandate of Cllr. Augustine Togba, head judge at the court.

Cllr. Augustine Togba according to sources instructed his Associate Magistrate Benetta Y. Gedeo to place the sheriff in prison on grounds that the deceased was given Eight hundred Liberian dollars ( 800 LD) as transportation fees to go and arrest, but never executed court's functions until two weeks when family members went at the court to ask for an excuse.

When all efforts by family members to remedy the situation became worthless, the late Andrew Hills spent three days behind bars( Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and later died in prison on Sunday morning due to his critical condition. 

What has caused even more outrage is the handling of Hill's body after his death. The court reportedly took his body to the JFK hospital without the consent of his family. When the family was asked to retrieve the body, they refused and demanded justice for the deceased.

The family of Andrew Hills is calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death and for those responsible to be held accountable. They are also seeking justice for the maltreatment of his body and the lack of transparency at the case is currently before the Liberia National Police pending transfer at the supreme court 

Meanwhile, the Clay Island Magisterial Court is yet to release a statement regarding the incident,but pressure is mounting for them to address the concerns raised by the family of Andrew Hills.

Credit: Today Liberia TV

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