Boakai Administration Rolls Out Transformational Transport Solution with Arrival of first Two out of 300 New Buses"

Jun 24, 2024 - 19:26
Jun 24, 2024 - 19:27
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Boakai Administration Rolls Out Transformational Transport Solution with Arrival of first Two out of 300 New Buses"

Monrovia, Liberia: Transportation has long been a significant challenge for the Liberian economy, leading to delays in the delivery of goods and services across various counties, affecting citizens.

In the past, the government operated several buses, but they were not properly maintained, resulting in damage and insufficient funds allocated for repairs.

Addressing these issues, President Boakai has taken a significant step by introducing 300 new buses to alleviate transportation challenges in Liberia.

Earlier this week, on June 24, 2024, President Boakai received two sample buses from the Brazilian company "Marcopolo," a preview of the 300 buses set to arrive soon from Ghana."

President Joseph Political Advisor Macdella Cooper smiling beside the buses.

President Joseph Boakai has received two simple buses from a Brazilian manufactureral company, the "Marcopolo" in Ghana.

President Boakai sent a team to inspect the two busses at the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill on Monday, June 24, 2024, with the Marcopolo Team.

The short ceremony marks the first step in a larger initiative to improve Liberia's public transportation system, with 300 buses expected to arrive soon from Ghana.

The inspection team included President Boakai's Political Advisor, Madam McDella Cooper his senior advisor, Dr. Augustine Konneh, and the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Minister Sylvester Grigsby. 

Political Advisor McDella Cooper confirmed that the buses met the necessary standards and that the President is satisfied with their condition.

This initiative comes as the Liberia National Transit Authority (NTA) faces severe bus shortages, affecting public transport services and making it difficult for University of Liberia students to commute to school.

"The arrival of these buses will significantly enhance our transportation system and the President is pleased with the quality of the buses, and we look forward to the remaining 300 arriving soon."

This move aims to alleviate the ongoing transportation issues in Liberia, ensuring more efficient and reliable transport services across the country.

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