President Joseph Nyuma Commissions New Government Officials with Emphasis on Service And Not To Be Served

Jun 12, 2024 - 11:16
Jun 13, 2024 - 07:07
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President Joseph Nyuma Commissions New Government Officials with Emphasis on Service And Not To Be Served

Congo Town- Liberia: President Joseph Nyuma has Commissioned additional officials of government urging them to serve and not to be served.

Among those commissioned were the country new Defense Minister, the first female to serve in the position in Liberia, and perhaps in Africa in recent history and the new Director of the National Security Agency and  also  a strong cadre of Deputy Ministers and heads of Agencies in various roles. 

"As we gather here this afternoon to inaugurate this cohort of officials, I ask all of you to perform your duties with a patriotic mindset, as you help to drive our agenda for the transformation of Liberia.

So, while we will be administering the oath of office to over 80 men and women who have stepped up to serve, the number may not be as important as what they individually and collectively bring to government; their expertise, honor, integrity, and the values they uphold to promote transparency, accountability and service to the people.

The expectations of our people are high, and rightfully so. That is why we are delighted that among those to be commissioned this afternoon are some of the country’s experienced and dedicated women and men." President Boakai Said

The President further urge new commissioned officials to believe that they are on the right path to changing the fortunes of Liberia for the good of its citizens. 

Commissioned officials Seated Before President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

He stated that Liberia is beginning to take firm steps to purge itself of some of the obstacles that tend to block and undermine its development potential. 

"We are not just building confidence at home with our people; we are showing to the world that Liberia is ready to reclaim itself and demonstrate the principles of a sound and responsible government that builds trust among development partners and investors, and be a country that deserves respect among the community of nations." The President Said

Retrospecting on the recent cabinet retreat, President Boakai Told new officials to always remember that wearing the titles on their sleeves is not the way to serve our people. Rather, their focus should be on delivering on the government's development priorities remembering that officials are appointed to serve, not to be served. 

"We have a great deal of work to do for our people, including the formulation and execution of a new development plan over the next five years, so it's crucial that everyone contributes." 

He his administration does not conduct its business on social media nor on frequent talk show appearances thus stating they his government have a competent and energized Ministry of Information, Ministries and Agencies that have the authority to speak through the Ministry of Information and so in doing you allow them to do their job!  

"I expect all government officials to demonstrate integrity and uphold high ethical standards in their work. It is important to understand what behavior is acceptable and what is unacceptable in the course of your duties. As role models for our children, public officials should conduct themselves in a manner befitting their positions and any behavior unbecoming of this will not be tolerated" The President Said

Family Members Seated 

I refuse to accept the typical saying, “that is the way we have done it, and it should remain and be the way.” The Liberian people did not elect us to continue business as usual. We must set a new standard to achieve optimum success. 

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