27 Year-old Woman Drowned in Old Sodoken

Jun 6, 2024 - 08:45
Jun 6, 2024 - 08:46
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27 Year-old Woman Drowned in Old Sodoken

By: Peter P. Toe

A 27 Year-old Woman identified as Dorathy Nyemah has drowned in a local River known as Degbor River in Old Sodoken Township, Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County.

According to family sources, the incident occurred on Saturday evening June 1, 2024 when the victim went to a nearby River in the area, 30 minutes’ walk from the town, to set water baskets, in a hunt for fish.

Uncle of the victim, George Hoto-Sune, told reporters that his daughter (the victim) always goes into the bush to set water baskets in the nearby River every evening and returns home.

"Every morning of the next day," he said, the victim returns to the river to revisit the baskets in hunt of fish, and carries whatever is gathered, for cooking purposes.

But it was a sad moment for the family on Saturday evening, June 1, 2024 when the late Dorathy Nyemah went to the River cite to set the baskets, but strangely did not return home, a situation Mr. Hoto-Sune said claimed the attention of community dwellers in Old Sodoken.

Following the incident, elders of Old Sodoken Township and the youth including the Old Sodoken community watch forum launched a massive search beginning the next day (Sunday, June 2, 2024), and on Monday June 3, the lifeless body of victim Dorathy Nyemah was discovered floating face-up on the Degbor River.

"She left behind 2 living children." Mr. George Hoto-Sune said.

The Crime Service Division of the Liberian National Police, Pleebo Detachment headed by Chief Investigator, Detective Jimmy T. Kaydor, and a team of medical practitioners proceeded to the crime scenes early Monday morning, June 3, 2024, setting up a 15 man's coronal juror to EXAMINE and OBSERVE the remains of victim Dorathy Nyemah.

The health practitioners pronounced the victim dead, while the 15 man's coronal juror in collaboration the CID investigator reported "NO FOUL PLAYED, and ALL BODY PARTS IN TIGHT.

Meanwhile, the lifeless body of victim Dorathy Nyemah was turned over to the bereaved family for interment.


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