AFL Officers Allegedly Brutalize and Jail Cowfield Resident Amid Neighborhood Dispute

Jun 18, 2024 - 08:57
Jun 18, 2024 - 09:08
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AFL Officers Allegedly Brutalize and Jail Cowfield Resident Amid Neighborhood Dispute

Paynesville Duport Road:Personals of the Arm Forces of Liberia have severely brutalized and send to jail a resident of the Cow field Community identified as Wakins George.

In a video in the possession of this station, Officer Samuel Allison with badge number EN.2007-02/350 and three AFL officers are seeing torturing Watkins George on allegation of confusion between Rose Bill, sister to officer Samuel Allison and Watkins George, both residents of the Cowfield Community.

According to report, Watkins George who is a recent operation patience wife and their neighbor Rose Bill got in a fist fight at which time Watkin George intervened by putting stop to his wife and neighbor from fighting, but Rose Bill according to eye-witnesses knock on Watkins George despite of him escaping the scene due to his health condition.

The eye-witnesses narrated that Rose Bill called on the Liberia National Police officers at which time Watkins George has left for work something the eye- witnesses said led to Rose Bill calling for the intervention of the AFL officer Samuel Allison who is believed to be her brother.

Samuel Allison according to the eyewitnesses came along with three AFL at George's house at which time he was instructed dragged him in the mud and forcing him to drink water from the drainage.

According to the eye witnesses, some community dwellers who tried to video record phones were seized and others also beaten in the process, but a neighbor managed to have record the scene.

Following the flogging according to our reporter, Watkins George was later taken to the Duport Road Sharih Zone three police station and placed behind bar despite of the bruise on his body instead being taken to the hospital for treatment before his incarceration.

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