Significant Setback: Mulbah K. Morlu Jr. Resigns as Chairman of CDC

Feb 27, 2024 - 22:07
Feb 27, 2024 - 22:46
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Significant Setback: Mulbah K. Morlu Jr. Resigns as Chairman of CDC

Congress for Democratic Change National Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu has resigned from the position of Chairman  and as Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change. The decision was communicated through a formal resignation letter addressed to former president George M. Weah, the Standard-bearer of CDC.

The former chairman of CDC has tendered his resignation from the party, citing the challenges he faced during his tenure with a heavy heart. 

Despite stepping down from his role, he emphasized his unwavering dedication to remaining a committed member of the party.

Furthermore, Mr. Morlu had pledged to resign in 2020 if Senator Dillon failed to defeat Representative and Deputy Speaker Thomas Fallah of the CDC. Despite Senator Dillon's historic victory and overwhelming support, Chairman Morlu initially chose not to resign.

In his letter, Morlu emphasized his commitment to the CDC and expressed gratitude towards the party members who have supported him during his tenure. While citing challenges faced during the past six years, Morlu highlighted his desire to maintain internal party cohesion and prevent any potential crisis.

His departure will be remembered for his outspokenness on the national stage, particularly when he exposed alleged misconduct by then-President of Liberia, George M. Weah. He accused Weah of inappropriate conduct, including paying rent for females, and committing serious crimes against the people of Liberia.

Despite infrequent disagreements, Morlu reaffirmed his unwavering loyalty to the CDC and its mission. He expressed optimism about the party's future and pledged to continue contributing to peace and stability within the CDC, even after stepping down from his leadership roles.

Former chairman Morlu also outlined his intention to advocate for social justice and champion the interests of marginalized communities beyond political affiliations. He emphasized the importance of engaging with key international partners to rebuild confidence and strengthen Liberia's global standing.

Morlu offered advice to the party leadership, urging them to prioritize relations with key Western capitals, particularly Washington, to capitalize on Liberia's strategic significance within the United States' sphere of influence.

 Morlu's resignation marks a significant transition within the CDC, prompting discussions about the party's future direction and the impact of his departure on Liberian politics. As the CDC navigates this change, Morlu's call for unity and continued commitment to the party's ideals resonates strongly with its members and supporters.


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