Lernart Dodoo Pleads for Ceasefire in PUL Court Case, Calls for Mediation

Mar 31, 2024 - 20:41
Mar 31, 2024 - 20:41
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Lernart Dodoo Pleads for Ceasefire in PUL Court Case, Calls for Mediation

Monrovia: The Editor of FrontPage Africa Newspaper, Lernart Dodoo has called on the Peter Quaqua Mediation Team to persuade Team Julius Kanubah, the aggrieved party in the disputed PUL’s 2022 elections to withdraw the case from the court.

In an open letter to the Peter Quaqua Mediation Team, Mr. Dodoo who is also a member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) urged the team to use its influence to persuade Team Kanubah to withdraw the case from court and engage in renewed mediation efforts aimed at organizing a new, transparent election for the Union.

The FPA Editor believes only through genuine dialogue, cooperation, and compromise members of the Union hope to heal the divisions that have plagued the institution and restore its credibility.

In the letter dated Sunday, March 31, 2024, he further appealed to the sense of duty and commitment of the team to the principles of unity and journalistic integrity.

“The future of the Press Union of Liberia hangs in the balance, and your intervention could make all the difference in steering us toward a brighter, more harmonious tomorrow,” Mr. Dodoo stressed.

The PUL member disclosed his acknowledgment of the challenges faced by Team Kanubah and their concerns regarding the conduct of the elections.

However, he emphasized that it is disheartening to note that despite numerous attempts by the PUL leadership to engage in dialogue and address these concerns, Team Julius opted to pursue legal action, leading to a prolonged stalemate that has deeply affected the integrity and functionality of the Union.

“In the midst of this crisis, Daniel Nyakonah's remarkable act of stepping aside from the presidency, despite his belief in the legitimacy of his victory, deserves commendation. His selfless decision was a pivotal moment that could have paved the way for reconciliation and the restoration of our Union's dignity,” the open letter reads.

Mr. Dodoo stressed that it is also disappointing the lack of acknowledgement for the resigned PUL President’s sacrifice from the mediation team.

According to him, Nyakonah’s gesture significantly eased the path toward resolution, adding that it still appears to have been overlooked in the pursuit of closure.

At the same time, the Editor of the FrontPage Newspaper said he observed what appears to be a complete neglect of the mediation process by Mr. Quaqua and Co since the President’s resignation from the leadership of the Union.

Dodoo emphasized that he fails to comprehend the rationale behind Team Kanubah’s persistence in pursuing the case in court, noting that with Mr. Nyakonah's resignation, the opportunity for a fresh start and a fresh election process presents itself.

“Continuing litigation only prolongs the agony and undermines the very purpose for which legal action was initiated,” he averred.

In light of these circumstances, Mr. Lernart Dodoo implored the Peter Quaqua Mediation Team to intervene decisively.

He also expressed gratitude for the efforts undertaken by the Peter Quaqua Mediation Team to navigate the turbulent waters of the PUL crisis that stemmed from the 2022 elections.

“Your dedication to mediating this complex situation, involving deeply rooted grievances and divergent perspectives, has not gone unnoticed,” Dodoo indicated.

While thanking the Peter Quaqua Mediation Team for its attention to his matter, the FrontPage Africa Editor eagerly expressed his anticipation of a positive response from the team.

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