Unity Party Chairman Rev. Luther Tarpeh Takes High Road with NPA Board Chair Appointment

Feb 21, 2024 - 19:55
Feb 21, 2024 - 20:06
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Unity Party Chairman Rev. Luther Tarpeh Takes High Road with NPA Board Chair Appointment

A heated debate has emerged among Liberians, particularly within the ranks of the Unity Party (UP), regarding whether the party's National Chairman would welcome a significant gesture from President Boakai.


This controversy stems from a sense of discontent among some UP partisans. They expressed their dissatisfaction after President Boakai allocated one of the party's most coveted roles to someone other than the chairman during his second round of appointments. This decision did not sit well with those who had hoped to see the chairman assume a prominent position.

 Fueling the fire, UP supporters took to the streets outside President Boakai's Paynesville residence, demanding answers. They questioned why the party chairman was overlooked for the role of Managing Director at the National Port Authority, a position they believed was rightfully his.


Amidst the escalating pressure, the UP chairman embarked on a vacation to the United States, leaving the controversy behind.

 However, in a surprising turn of events, it was revealed that President Boakai had made a significant appointment, possibly aiming to quell the unrest within his party. The UP chairman, Tarpeh, was named Board Chair of the National Port Authority. This appointment, considered one of the most notable so far, was accepted by Chairman Tarpeh without any public comment, signaling a potential reconciliation within the party's ranks.


This development has sparked conversations about unity and strategy within the Unity Party as they navigate the complexities of political appointments and party dynamics.

 Unity Party Chairman Accepts Appointment, Pledges Service To Country Over Personal Gains!!!

 In response to his appointment as the Board Chair for the Liberia National Port Authority (NPA) by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., Reverend J. Luther Tarpeh, the National Chairman of the Unity Party, has expressed his gratitude while emphasizing his commitment to serving the country and advancing the party's agenda.

 Addressing concerns raised by some members of the public regarding the significance of the position relative to his role as party chairman to be appointed in top ministerial position in government, Chairman Tarpeh disclosed that his acceptance of the appointment was driven by a sense of duty to Liberia and a desire to utilize his position for the benefit of the nation.


"It is not about the job for me. It is all about the country," Tarpeh stated firmly. "I want to leverage my position for several young men and women who worked so hard for President Joseph Boakai's victory. I want to run the party and ensure we create a brand that has a national appeal."

 Mentioning the pressing social and economic needs facing ordinary Liberians, Chairman Tarpeh underscored the importance of rapid responses and effective governance.

 He expressed his commitment to working alongside the new Managing Director of the NPA, Mr. Sekou Dukuly, to enhance the functionality and competitiveness of Liberia's ports in Sub-Saharan African regions, ultimately contributing to the nation's progress and the well-being of its citizens.

 Dismissing rumors that his visit to the USA was an escape, he clarified that it was solely to reunite with family, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to Liberia.

 He re-emphasized: "I am accepting this as an act of service to the country and not necessarily a job to put food on my table.

 Our people are suffering and need rapid response to their social and economic needs. If Liberia is beautiful and progressive, and ordinary Liberians can take care of their families, I am satisfied."

 Chairman Tarpeh also addressed misconceptions regarding his motivations, dismissing suggestions that he sought government employment for personal gain. Instead, he accentuated his dedication to building a Unity Party that prioritizes deliverables, development, and responsive leadership, particularly in addressing the social and economic challenges faced by ordinary Liberians.

 "Our goal is to build a Unity Party that stands as a beacon of hope for all Liberians, regardless of their political affiliations," Tarpeh declared. "We will work tirelessly to deliver tangible results and address the pressing social and economic challenges facing our nation."

 "In accepting this appointment, I am reaffirming my commitment to serving Liberia and advancing the goals of the Unity Party," Tarpeh concluded. "We will build a Unity Party that focuses on deliverables, development, and robust leadership, listening to and addressing the ordinary Liberians' social and economic plight."

 Rev. Tarpeh's acceptance of the appointment reflects a resolute commitment to national service and a vision for revitalizing Liberia's political institutions. By leveraging his position to promote development and inclusive governance, Tarpeh aims to lay the foundation for a more prosperous and equitable future for all Liberians.


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