Mcdella Cooper Secret Leaks as Martin Kollie Receives Tips to Run Mission against Sara Nyanti Credentials

Feb 7, 2024 - 07:28
Feb 7, 2024 - 12:32
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Mcdella Cooper Secret Leaks as Martin Kollie Receives Tips to Run Mission against Sara Nyanti Credentials

Monrovia: Words from the street corridors say, Madam Mcdella Cooper paid some wholesome amount to Martin Kollie to go after Foreign Minister Designate Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti.

This is said to be, because she (Mcdella) has been eyeing the position.

Sources revealed ‘’ Mcdella Cooper instructed Martin to fact-check your non existing academic credentials and provide us with evidence of your so-called degrees.”

When Sara Beysolow Nyanti was called upon by Then President Elect, Joseph Boakai to help with transition, little did she know she was walking into the den of power greed lions, with several gladiator lions, wanting the newcomers into their folds.

A perfect example of such personality is Mcdella Cooper, who should have been a standard bearer of a political party but decided to become a special Aide to the standard bearer of the unity Party, in Amb. Joseph N. Boakai.

Today the elections are all over and the winner is indeed the standard bearer of the Unity Party who she supported. It is reported that she made too many enemies during her campaign days and sources said she also collected so much cash from outside, that she did not report to the campaign team nor to the now President of Liberia in full or at all.

Today, a social Media influencer and blogger reported that she was responsible for the blackmail and pay to play to non-integrity Martin Kollie to try and damage the character of the now nominee of the President to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based on her visual competence, Jessica Jarry report from Minnesota, that she has proven that Madam Cooper paid Martin Kollie enough to have him attack The President's nominee for the Position of Foreign Minister.

If this is proven, the political lifeline of Madam Cooper would have been totally burnt out, with several pundits raising red flag on child she had for Former President Weah, who close allies, continued to say she got pregnant to exploit the former president when he was in his hay days, even before becoming President.

Another close friend of the President was quick to say, that Mcdella was quick to say, she intended working her way to become the first lady of Liberia, alongside Mr. Weah, where she said, Liberians would reject the then first lady (Clar Weah) and he would be forced to pick her for many reasons.

Amidst all these, both Senators from the UP and opposition (CDC) and other political parties are galvanizing support for Sara Nyanti’s confirmation.


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