Pay for play: Boakai Allegedly Stigs Stanton's Alleged paid for Recommendation at LEC...

Feb 21, 2024 - 08:04
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Pay for play: Boakai Allegedly Stigs Stanton's Alleged paid for Recommendation at LEC...

By: William K. Howard

Paynesville: The struggle for power (Job) is now becoming like a hunt for survival where some are pushing their way through bribery and whatever means, with the latest report of Mr. Stanton Witherspoon reportedly, Allegedly being on a job mission for NOCAL Boss Christopher Neyor to Recommend him to President Joseph Boakai as the next Liberia Electricity Corporation Chief Executive Officer.

Gossip has it that Witherspoon and already chopped some wholesome amount that is not officially known, in advance and when the transaction clicks, he would walk away with another but President Boakai refused and blasted him, Witherspoon not to tell him who to appoint in his government.
Knewsonline gist source revealed that following all attempts to convince President Boakai and seeming squarely impossible, the man (Stanton Witherspoon) has chosen to consistently put the Public against Mr. Monie Captan by using his social media network in all ways to throw falsehood against the LEC CEO as a way to seek response from the Liberian leader regarding his alleged paid for recommendation.
Things are not going as planned and Neyor is now requesting 50% of the mar (money) but wait; who does that in a blind transaction, (Black deal)? As it is currently, Witherspoon might not refund the money, like in the cases of schools and local saying “Black deal has no record". Like drugs and other illegal businesses, you either win it or lose, its gamble! 
While the CEO, Stanton Witherspoon is currently facing charges in the United States for allegedly distributing fake medical documents, he is also busy with Liberian politics, taking advantage of his close ties with President Boakai.
Things are actually happening behind closed doors in this small Miami, like in the words of ex-President George Weah, but Watch the movie as another episode emerges.
Until then Neyor, you strewed up!

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