SUP Wants Pres. Boakai Assets Declared Amidst Calls for Educational Reform

Feb 21, 2024 - 07:38
Feb 21, 2024 - 07:38
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SUP Wants Pres. Boakai Assets Declared Amidst Calls for Educational Reform

By: William McGill

Capitol Hill: The Student Unification Party (SUP) is urgently calling on President Joseph Nyumah Boakai to make his assets public. 

The announcement was made by SUP Chairman Kwein W. Kwein Il during a  press conference held at the University of Liberia campus on February 19, 2024 in Monrovia.

Chairman Kwein emphasized the immediacy of President Boakai's asset disclosure, stating that failure to do so would prompt His Excellency to write the first public exam administered by the Student Unification Party.

“Given the above, the Student Unification Party calls on Mr. Boakai, with immediate effect, to make his assets known to the public or be prepared to write the first public exam to be administered by the Student Unification Party in the Principal Street of Monrovia.”

He pointed out that the absence of the publication of President Boakai's asset declaration poses a transparency concern within his government. 

Simultaneously, Chairman Kwein hinted at a political undertone in the recent actions taken by the wives of the Armed Forces of Liberia, reacting to the appointment of former Chief of Staff Prince C. Johnson as Minister of Defense, expressing skepticism about its impact on the nation.

“Furthermore, the Student Unification Party has followed closely the recent situation of the Armed Forces of Liberia and has understood very clearly the problems surrounding the Armed Forces of Liberia and the short-term Defense minister Major General Prince C. Johnson.”

Meanwhile, Kwein is advocating for President Boakai's attention to the welfare and dire conditions at the University of Liberia. Additionally, he calls for the immediate legislation of a free tuition policy across all public universities in the country.

Chairman Kwein underscored that education is a fundamental right, and the implementation of a free tuition policy will foster equal opportunities for academic advancement and contribute to the national development of Liberia.

It's worth noting that former President George Manneh Weah declared undergraduate tuition free for all public universities across Liberia on October 24, 2018. Stay tuned for further developments on this critical matter.

“SUP demands the official position of Mr. Boakai on the welfare and deplorable state of affairs at the University of Liberia, calling for immediate action towards the legislation of the free tuition policy.”

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