Electricity Restored Following Confirmation of 280 Power Outages Near St. Paul River in Lower Bong County

Feb 7, 2024 - 02:23
Feb 7, 2024 - 02:24
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Electricity Restored Following Confirmation of 280 Power Outages Near St. Paul River in Lower Bong County

Despite efforts in rural electrification, many countries worldwide still lack widespread access to electricity, with some areas relying on intermittent and substandard power. Statistics reveal that 67% of the developing world remains without household electricity. Access to electric power offers numerous benefits, including social, economic, and technological advancements, and Liberia is no exception.

Since Monie Captan assumed office, Liberia has undertaken several projects to ensure that 80% of its population enjoys modern electricity.

On February 7, 2024, the Liberia Electricity Corporation initiated a 24-hour journey to Lower Bong County, where construction of a 280-megawatt power plant dam is underway to enhance electricity stability.

Under the leadership of former President George Weah and LEC CEO Monie Captan, the corporation secured $300 million from the World Bank for this project in just a year and a half.

Expected to span more than three years, the project will provide both long-term and short-term employment opportunities for Bong County residents, as stated by Public Relations Officer Philip Faley. "This project, lasting over three years, will generate employment opportunities, thanks to the strong leadership at LEC," he commented.

Meanwhile, Project Director of PIU, Mr. Bill Hakins, emphasized that the dam's scale surpasses that of the Mount Coffee Hydro in Montserrado County, which currently generates 88 megawatts. The SP2 dam aims to produce 280 megawatts nationwide.

Mr. Hakins, an expert in dam and hydro power engineering, stressed the project's adherence to international standards. He underscored the World Bank's high expectations, emphasizing that failure to meet these standards could jeopardize funding.

Project Director of PIU, Mr. Bill Hakins

He also announced plans to train five Liberian engineers to eventually replace him, reflecting his commitment to empowering local talent.

Exciting Development in Fuamah District 7 Bong: LEC and the SP2 Project Received with Enthusiasm

In a significant milestone for Fuamah District 7 Bong, the community recently welcomed the commencement of the LEC and The SP2 project. Abraham Beyan Deniyo, one of the esteemed head elders representing the collective voice of the community, expressed immense joy at this groundbreaking initiative. He emphasized that this endeavor marks a historic first for Bong County, offering unprecedented opportunities for the village and neighboring towns.

Abraham Beyan Deniyo head Town chief Fuama District Hendi Town  Bong County

Deniyo extended heartfelt gratitude to LEC management and the World Bank for their pivotal roles in making this project a reality. He underscored the unwavering support of Bong County’s elders for the SP2 project, affirming their commitment to its success.

Hailing from Hendi Town, the central hub of Fuamah District, Deniyo conveyed his sentiments in the revered Kpelleh dialect,

the special assistant to Representative Foday Fahmbulleh of District Seven Bong County Prince Kollie

Speaking further Representative Foday Fahmbulleh of District #7 in Bong County expressed his sincere apologies for his absence from an important field trip, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to the development of Bong County and the welfare of its residents. Despite his absence, he affirmed his full support for the St Paul River 2nd Hydro Power Project (SP2), acknowledging its potential to bring significant benefits to both the county and the nation as a whole.


The SP2 Project, also known as SP2, aims to provide 150 to 250 Mega Watts of affordable and renewable energy to the people of Liberia. Additionally, it is expected to generate employment opportunities and provide technical training during its construction and operation phases. Representative Fahmbulleh highlighted the project's potential to stimulate growth in various sectors, including agriculture, tourism, and mining, benefitting not only Bong County but also surrounding districts.


Moreover, the SP2 Project includes plans for infrastructure development, such as the construction of a road connecting the SP2 site with Bong Mines. Funding from the West African Power Pool and the World Bank has already been secured for the refurbishment of the existing access road, with plans for further enhancements including surfacing and bridge construction. Representative Fahmbulleh emphasized the importance of early road construction to boost the Liberian economy, projecting substantial economic gains from the project's operation.


Addressing concerns about project execution, Representative Fahmbulleh stressed the need for adherence to international standards to ensure the project's success and sustainability. He emphasized the importance of maintaining confidence and securing funding from international partners, underscoring the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in achieving this goal.


Expressing gratitude to the LEC and its management team, Representative Fahmbulleh commended the progress made by Liberians in leadership roles within the utility sector. He acknowledged the ongoing need for international expertise but highlighted the pride in witnessing local talent contribute to the growth and improvement of Liberia's utility infrastructure.


Representative Fahmbulleh emphasized the project's significance in fostering national unity and inclusivity, affirming District #7's commitment to serving as custodians of the project for the benefit of all Liberians. The statement was delivered by Prince Kollie, the special assistant to Representative Foday Fahmbulleh of District Seven Bong County.

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